Della Rovere srl is a knitwear industry founded in 1963 between Valli di Comacchio and Ferrara, where the dream of a young married couple, become true. The little craft workshop grows larger and larger, becoming an industry of more than 4000 square meters and 100 internal resources.
In 1977 starts the adventure with Le Copains group to produce and distribute a new idea of total look. This union lasts 24 years and marks a new era where the sportswear becomes part of italian fashion.
1980 signs the beginning of a long relationship with Gianni Versace for the presentation of his first collection that bring the company’s knitwear on the couture’s runway. Della Rovere produces knitwear for his brand for over 20 years.
In 1998 the company becomes one of the greatest knitting industry specialized in the luxury knitwear with the beginning of collaboration with the well-known Avon Celli brand. This collaboration allows a considerable evolution in the treatment of the most noble yarns, namely cashmere and silk. Product quality and innovation become the cornerstone of corporate culture.
In 2007 Della Rovere becomes an exclusive couture house for new and richer international markets, working for prestigious Italian and French brands in the same time.
Della Rovere srl starts working as well for the main international distribution luxury retailer in the world, boasting its presence in a vast market panorama including Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia, Japan and United States.
The new corporate identity, enriched by years of experience and strong relationship, is now focus on the noble yarns. The study of a constantly changing market, the careful research and care in selection of the finest materials in the world, took the company to a growing process, able to deal with the request of a international market.